Saturday, August 22, 2009

A simple dish from Malaysia - Banana Dumplings


When I was studying in Chicago, my school usually organized International Food Festival for their students. The students from all around the world would join this one day festival.

My friends and I from Malaysia would usually have a meeting and decide who would cook what!

In 1988, there was this INTERNATIONAL FOOD FESTIVAL again....


There were four people in my rented house.
1)Sha was 'expert' in cooking currypuff so she decided to make that tedious 'kuih'..around 70-100 pieces.
2)Rozlin knew how to make KETAYAP so she volunteered to make around 30 pieces.
3) Adik (Ruziana) prefered to fry 'cucur kodok' instead as the dumpling s were easy to make.
4) Me??? aku buat buah MELAKA jerrr..

There were other students who had to make rendang ayam, satay daging, nasi impit, bihun goreng and spaghetti goreng as well.
The guys usually had to make the satay and we used to have a 'CHEF' from 'architecture department' to lead the cooking.....ha ha ha.

After the food festival was over we found out that the Mat/Minah salleh really loved our BANANA DUMPLINGS. The dumplings were the HOT ITEMs in our selling.
Hey..I couldn't really believe it!!! It was such a simple dish..

Okay? would you like to make it yourself?

Here is the recipe for two:-

Banana Dumplings ( Cucur KODOK )

10 ripe bananas ( the sweeter the banana, the better the taste)
half cup of sugar
2 cups of flour
a pinch of salt
a quater cup of water ( if neccessary)
Oil for deep frying.

1) Mash the bananas.
2) Add the sugar and a pinch of salt.
3)Add and mix the flour. Fold and blend the mixture nicely.
4) Add some water if the mixture is too thick.
5) Scoop the mixture with small spoon ( make it like a small ball) and deep frying in nice wok.
6) Deep frying the dumplings until they turn into nice golden colour.


the end...



AZANI said...

he he ..ini kira nugget malaysia

AZANI said...
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ashley said...


Gurindam Jiwa said...

Kat tempat saya masa second year, saya contribute goreng kacang buncis. Rencah apa tak ingat dah. Apa jadi pun tak ingat dah, sebab kita orang pun akhirnya boleh makan juga. So gerenti habis nya la... Ada juga yang buat telur goreng style dadar tu.

Malam tu ada Minah Salleh tu tanya la saya, "This is Malaysian food?" Saya jawab, "Well, this is Malaysian students' food. Students who had never cooked before in their lives." Senyum lebau Minah tu.

Lepas tu kita buat tarian joget. Seronok tul Mat/Minah Salleh tu. Lepas ada persandingan.

ashley said...

yang joget joget tu kita orang tak berapa nak joint..he he he..
tapi ada gak kakak yang nak pakai pakaian dia ajak sorang BRO ni ganding buat CATWALK ngan dia..
dia pakai kebaya, BRO tu pakai baju Melayu..
so itu je la..