Thursday, October 01, 2009

How to be Happy?


What makes people happy?

First, having a purpose in your life..which means doing something very meaningful. Whether it is setting up business, raising happy children, helping those in needs or making the world a better place to stay.

having hope...
which means you have something to look forward to. Even if your current circumstances are difficult. If you have hope that your effort will be rewarded and that things will improve, you can find happiness.

Happy people accept themselves as they are so they have peace of mind....
They concentrate on what they have...not on what is missing.
They count their blessings.
Their state of mind is determined by their own thought not by the outside circumstances.
and yes...last but not least, having someone to love, will make you happy too!
happy reading.

the end.


tasikmerah said...

happy deepavali kak.



ashley said...

Aku tak berapa nak hepi bila buka blog semua orang jadi skerat belaka..apasal ek?
sapa jadi cam aku juga?
angkat tangan..

Nizam.Ariff said...

Lain macam je entry kali ni...?

Akak tengah sedey ke ni?

ashley said...

tak derrr..
kita ni kan ada UP and DAWOOONN
so kena duduk dan memikir gak la sekali sekala..