Friday, October 02, 2009

Stand and deliver!!


Bagi mereka yang ketag lutuit dan tak dak confident nak buat presentation eloklah baca nih..
(excerpt from a magazine :- Suara Muamalat edisi 22 2008/3 )

Remember these nine rules for a successful presentation.

Never discount the benefits of powerful presentation skills. some people may only get a few minutes of fame at a majuor meeting in front of the senior bosses-but this is where effective presentation skills are critical. The bosses are looking at how you handle the presentation and any questions that follow. the image of your success or failure remains in their minds for a long time.ability without visibility accounts for little if you want to be noticed. Here are nine ways to ensure that your presentation are powerful.

1. Meet Objectives
What your audience want to know, feel and do? Be very clear about this in your mind and put it on paper. Refer to these points constantly when planning your presentation and just before you deliver it. Your success will be measured against whether you meet the objectives of the presentation.

2. Know you audience
It is important to find out who you listeners are and what they really want and need. Then decide what is the best way to reach out to them with your message. You want to be relevant to them.

3.Less is more
Simplify yor visuals and your messages. With les clutter, the audience will know what to focus on. Each slide in your presentation should not have more than one theme. Avoid fussy animation and fancy fonts-they are distraction. Provide information in smaller, easy-to-digest portion. Your listener will retain what you have said better and chances are they will stay with you till the end of presentation.
to be continued.


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

yeshhh...bagus nieh! dah copy and paste masuk dlm word:) thanks kak...good point:)

Insyirah said...

Percaya tak bila orang yang jenis pemalu ni, bila buat presentation atau bercakap depan khalayak ramai...confidence nya di luar jangkaan kita? :)

tasikmerah said...

syirah, betul. he he.

ashley said...

nanti akak sambung..ko boleh copy lagi sebab ada 6 points lagi.

depa jadi lagu mana tu agak agaknya..
gelabah tahap gaban?
atau TEROVER confident?
atau mula mula okay sebab prepare bagai nak ghak...tapi bila orang tanya lebih lebih sikit..blushing macam nak pengsan?
ha ha ha...
apa apa pun akak saja nak share jer info ni ngan korang..

cam biasa jer..

kakpah said...

weh.. rules or no rules... memang aku jenis ketaq lutut..

ashley said...

ketag lutuit tak pa juga la...dalam kain, orang tak nampak...
kalau ketag gigi lagu mana pula?