Friday, December 25, 2009

Sand at the beach..

Salam,Aku letih sedikit hari ini.
Ibu bapa mula mendaftar.
Kelas perlu dikemaskan semula..
Adjust mana yang perlu.
Baiki mana yang boleh.

sikit hari ni....

I have been doing some thinking these two three days..
Deep in thought actually.
Thinking about myself.
Thinking about my friend.
Thinking about my family.
Thinking about my like and my dislike. 12 o'clock tonite when Christians at this part of the world welcoming Christmas, me automatically, will turn 42.
FORTY TWO my dear!!
Is it a great feeling?
Am I having that feeling of JOY tra la la la la la la la la?

ha ha..
you tell me!
See the picture above.
Look at the beach...
Look at the sand..
Look at the wave..

Just think about the sand and the sea.
Is the sand at beach is going to be the same after forty years?

You tell me..

There is a Malay saying "Alangkan pantai kan berubah, inikan pula manusia.."
Meaning " Even the beach changes, so do the human being"

Yes, we change..from good to better and want to be the best.
Trying hard not to change from good to bad or worse.
But somehow, people do change.
We do...

even my body shape changes ....ha ha ha
From skinny to curvy! ha ha ha
...and my skin from being smooth like the boiled egg becoming the scrambled one!
ha ha
My I have to tell you how many grey hairs I have?
Put away the thought, okay!
he he..

I know..the youth I had 20 years ago....gone with the wind.
Time has taken its toll on my shape, my body, my health, my movement...everything.
...and I think everyone will face the same thing as I am.
Yes youuuuu...all of you who are reading my writing right now!

We came to this world with NOTHING. NONE. ZERO.
Not even a single thread on our body.
Not even a name...then...where do you think we are going after this?
Yes.....after so many years of living in this wonderful world?
Sometimes I shudder of the thought.

Why? Maybe because I know I am not a very good ' insan'.

But I cannot just sit down and keep on shuddering..and do nothing.
I have to change.
Bit by bit.
Improving myself...and keep on trying.
Keep on improving....and having faith that Allah will have some 'ehsan' on me.
Keep on having faith that Allah is ALWAYS with me....
No matter where I go.
No matter what the situation is.

Life is ONLY a TEST!
An exam..and if we pass then we will get the reward ...someday!!

but we have to have FAITH FIRST!..

Have faith in Allah.
Have faith in Rasul
Have faith in all His ANGELS.
Have faith in The DAY!
Have faith in the Qada and Qadar of Allah.

YES...keep on having the FAITH!
you will know your STAND.
all of sudden I feal like to sing the Chorus of this evergreen song of WH;
" Where do broken hearts go?
Can they find their way home?
Back to the open arms
Of a love that's waiting there..
And if somebody love you
Won't they always love you
I look in your eyes
And I know that you still care...
for me!!"

p/s Happy birthday to me...and may the joy be with all of you too!





DrSam said...

Happy birthday to you! You are a bit curvy with some whitish hair on your pinnacle now, that is one good News! White hair means more experience :)

World around us is changing. If we don't change, then we will become a dinosaur and extinct.

More wonderful years to come I pray madam.

ashley said...

Dr Sam,
ha ha..what can I say?
thank you.

anjang said...

panjangnya. apa pun happy birthday

Tijah said...

happy bday kak. semoga panjang umurmurah rezeki..

and meri kwismes too...

GPI SKSV said...

Selamat Hari Lahir My Dear Sister... Semoga kekal sihat cergas dan ceria untuk terus beribadah kepadaNYA... Amin

ashley said...

tak aihhh.

I dun seliberet kwismas la you!

ashley said...


kakpah said...

la... baru 42. Tunggu je lah sepuluh tahun lagi. Kau aku jadi aku.. kehkeh..
I'M BACK!!!! tapi masih domammm..

Hepi Besdei.

ashley said...

long time no see..
domam windu kat blogging la tu.
ha ha..
welkam bek from Mecca.
and tenkiu.

ibusinga said...

wah...panjang nya cerita...
happy besday Ash...
everyyear cuti kan...time besday...

ashley said...

is it?
wwwwaaahh dah speaking le pulak.
ha ha
time sekolah dulu tak pernah dapat present dari kengkawan sebab CUTI!!
waa waa sian tau!

tasekM said...

selamat hari lahir kak.


yuyee cap limau said...

selamat hari lahir kak..
makin muda nampak..hehe
kak,nak tanya nie,yang kerja kat tadika tu kira mengajar belah pagi ke??

ashley said...

TM, u toooooo.

kena tinggal di premis.fulltime.


happy besday UMI!!!!!!
we LOve U vry Much!!

ASH is for-Aisyah Saifulzaman HIdayatun....

ashley said... you too my dear girl!!