Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jew: race OR religion??


What have the Jews theselves to say about 'race or religion"? The following quotations put the reader ini possession of information regarding the Jew's own thought of himself as a member of a separate people quite aside from the consideration of his religion.

Leo N. Levi, President of B'nai B'rith, 1900-1904:

"The distintive character of the Jew does not arise solely from religion. It is true that his race or religion are indissolubly connected, but whatever be the cause of this junction of the race idea with the religion, it is very certain that the religion alone does not consitute the people. A believer in the Jewish faith does not by reason of that fact become a Jew. On the other hand, however, a Jew by birth remains a Jew, even though he abjures his religion."
Dr. Israel Friediaender says :
"It is enough for us to know that the Jews have always felt themselves as a separate race, sharply marked off from the rest of mankind."

...................................extracted from 'The International Jew by Henry Ford 1920'-this book is almost impossible to find......this book has been nakedly suppressed!

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