Friday, February 13, 2009

uLaT BuLu PaNjaT LiDi..

Hello everybody..
Today I am going to tell you a story about caterpillars..
Do you want to hear the story?
Come along..stay cool, sit down quietly and listen properly...

Once upon a time there was a caterpillar named Chuck. He loved to play around and try something new. But unfortunately, he did not have a friend to play with. He also felt very sad about himself.

" There is nothing special about me. I am a PLAIN caterpillar and my life is so plain too" he said to himself.

So, one day, he decided to go out for a long walk to find new friends.

He walked and walked until he met a caterpillar who was upside-down.
He asked the upside-down caterpillar, " Why are you standing upside-down, my friend?"

" Well...I think I see my world beautiful when I stay like this" answered the upside-down caterpillar.
"And I am very happy the way I am now."

So Chuck, the caterpillar continued his journey and he met another one. This time, the caterpillar had a bloating tummy..and Chuck asked,
"Why do you have a big tummy, my friend?"
The big tummy caterpillar answered, " I have eaten two big pieces of leaves today. I felt so tired and sleepy too but I am happy the way I am."

So, Chuck, the lonely caterpillar went on until he met another one. This time he met a very peculiar one. The new caterpillar had legs that looked like chicken's. He asked " Dearest my friend, why do your legs look so peculiar?" The weird caterpillar answered with a big smile,' Ohh..I love my legs. Aren't they lovely?"

The caterpillar wanted to go home when suddenly he saw something moving. He thought he saw a caterpillar....and..Ohh! He was right. There was a caterpillar hiding behind lots of leaves.

"Hi there!" said Chuck, the caterpillar, happily. But his new friend did not answer. He was VERY SHY..He stayed behind the leaves until Chuck went by..

Chuck went back home and had a long thought.

"Geee..I met some new friends today and all of them are special in their own ways..Maybe I shouldn't feel so sad after all because I am special in my own way too.And.... I love to be me..!!" said Chuck and he felt so happy...


* ceritera ini direka khas untuk disesuaikan dengan 'ulat-ulat bulu' rekaan dan tajaan anak anak muridku hari ini. Kepelbagaian 'ulat bulu panjat lidi' mereka ini telah mencetuskan idea aku untuk menulis. He he he..


Nizam.Ariff said...

The one stayed behind the leaves:
When he noticed Chuck wasn't there anymore, he started spinning silky line to become a long rope. So he tied one end to a branch and the other end to his own belly...he said, 'Good bye, I will transform into a beutiful being...' so he jumped!

But the wind blew and the line strangled him around the he died in agony...HAHHAHHAHA.....


ashley said...

HANG MAN..(hang saja puuuunnn..suka buat cerita seram takut kan budak budak!)

Cikgooden (Selumbar Emas). said...

hang mmg kretip, la kak...sesekali kak lukis bulat ja..suruh sorang sorang mai tambah, samapai jadi org ikut perspektif depa..ahakkakak..tgk jadi lagu mana.

kakpah said...

sedap cite hang. mesti bebudak tenganga.............

ashley said...

bagus idea hang tu..he he he..
bab bulat ni, hang nak tau dak..budak 5 tahun lukis bulat pun jadi lonjong..jadi kerekot...lepas tu depa keriau.."CIKGU...tak tau buat!!"..almaklum...

ashley said...

kak pah,
saya tak cerita lagi kat budak budak cerita ni..
kalau saya cerita guna illustration yang depa buat tu takut MAJUK lak..
ni kira buat cerita kat BLOG jer..

pssstt...tampal kertas bulat bulat ni pun jadi macam macam jenis ulat bulu..

DrSam said...

cantik karya seni anak-anak murid. boleh buat koleksi dan pautan di galeri seni tu.

ashley said...

Dr Sam..