Monday, June 07, 2010

Draw Dragon Dot Eyes


This is a story from
An interesting one.

Sung Yow had a secret.
He could paint a picture and make it come alive.
This only happened when the painting finished.

Sung Yow loved to paint dragons. He left out their eyes because he didn't want them to come alive. In this way, his secret stayed a secret.

The king heard that Sung Yow was good at painting dragons. He asked Sung Yow to paint four dragons on a wall. In three days the painting was ALMOST finished. The dragons looked like they could jump off the wall. They didn't jump because Sung Yow had left out their eyes.

People came from far away to see the paintings.

" The dragons look so real!" they said.

" But where are their eyes?" they asked.

" If I dotted the eyes, the dragons would fly away," said Sung Yow.

Everyone laughed. No one believed him.

Sung Yow was not happy.
This time he would NOT leave out the eyes.
He painted little black dots on two of the dragons.

CRASH!! CRACK!! The wall split open. The two dragons jumped off the wall.

Sung Yow went on to become a very famous artist with a very famous secret.

In China, when someone adds a finishing touch to a work, people might say,
" Draw Dragon Dot Eyes."

My comment :
In Malaysia, can we possibly draw TIGERS instead of DRAGONS??


DrSam said...

very interesting story. this story reminded me of my childhood life, reading those wonderful tales alike.

In malaysia, people draw money from the TIGER on the wall (or thru MB2U) :)

kucingorengemok said...

teringat pada cerita persian flaw

DrSinga said...

draw singa boleh?

tasekM said...

jgn draw singa. kang banyak sgt singa pupus plak kambing nk bg singa makan...


ashley said...

Dr sam, cerita ni menarik dan mempunyai message tersendiri..

KOG, cerita persian tu macamana pulak?

haahha..kat mesia takdak singa..DRSINGA ada laaaa..


ashley said...
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