Saturday, September 20, 2008

Me and my mom..


sebenarnya saya tak suka menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris..I prefer to write in Malay Language. I can express my feeling better in my own language..but entah macamana teringin pula nak jot down dalam bahasa Inggeris pulak..sorry if I make some grammar mistakes. It was such a long time ago that I really wrote an English essay..Lamanya la aku tak nulis dalam bahasa ni....bila agaknya aku pun dah tak ingat.

I read newspapers, books, essay in English and understand them very well but unfortunately, I hardly do the writing..ha ha ha...jenuh aku punya English..dah tonggang langgang..topsy turvy..

Anyway..this is my short story of "Me and My mom"..enjoy..:-


My mom is 'one in a million'. She is an extremely self-reliant and diligent person. In fact, when she was young, she not only cooked for her family but also grew the 'padi huma' herself!

I was on my way out one morning when mom's words, like bullets, suddenly struck me.

"Where are you going?" asked mom.
"To buy nasi lemak, of coz," I replied.
"Beg your pardon?"said mom.

At first, I thought mom had not heard me but the look in her eyes told me she meant something else.

"You are not going anywhere young girl. Let's go straight to the kitchen and learn how to make nasi lemak and sambal tumis. Period!"

The words stunned me but I stayed on and helped my mom preparing the dishes. I measured some pots of rice, pressed some grated coconut until its milk came out, cooked the coconut milk with the rice, pounded some dried chilies and finally made sambal tumis.

The chores, of course, were tough especially for a sixteen-years-old teenager but to be honest, I felt really proud and great that morning.
We both had yummy-and-tasty nasi lemak sambal tumis and I ate it quietly , felt a little difference inside me.

I was keeping an eye out for my younger brother to instruct him to do the dishes after that when I spotted a big 'NO' in one of my mom's eye and 'SELF-RELIANCE' in the other.

Finally, half-heartedly, I went to the kitchen myself and did all the dishes including the pot and the wok.

Later that night, I went to my room, sat on my bed and thought about what my mom had done to me that morning: she had taught me an important lesson; "BE SELF RELIANT whenever you can and always be DILIGENT."

It is a lesson I will treasure all my life.

"Mom, 'thank you' is all I can say...quietly...."


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