Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why don't you read books?


When I was a little girl, I used to hear stories from my aunt. She is two years elder than me. She could read when she was in Year 1. At the time, I was about 4 +.
I didn't go to any Tadika or kindergarden. My kindergarden ages were full of running, wondering, investigating around the small town of Batu Gajah, Perak.
Hah! It was really fun back then.

But one thing for sure, I was really love listening to stories. It was really one of my favourites past time. My auntie would go to her school library and bring back one or two books to read them for me. If she didn't bring one, she would create a story of her own just for me to drool..

Err..I am not sure when was the time I really did know how to read. All I could remember was by the 1st 'penggal' of my Darjah 1, I could read and became the 3rd best student in my class. Okay okay..3rd place is probably not good enough. Hey..I was only 6 years and 3 months old then...!

By the time I knew how to read, my auntie did not have to tell me stories anymore. I could read storybooks myself. I read lots of storybooks when I was in my primary years. When I was in Darjah 3, I became a librarian. Believe it or not, I read all the books in my school library when I became one. As a librarian, I could bring back home 5 books a day and I could finish them up by dinner. I could also borrow the books everyday and anytime during the schooldays. My mom sometimes got crazy because of my hobby!( Oh yeah..I really indulged myself in reading)

Actually, reading can really give you pleasure. Good books or good reading material will make your mind thinking. Reading can enhance your thinking skill, give information to your brain, stimulate it and let it works! If you don't stimulate your brain, it will stop working ...and what will you become? A dummy? A zombie?

Oh Come on...Reading a book a day will brighten up your way!..


Cikgooden ...(Selumbar Emas). said...

betui la reading buleh develop otak kita kan kak..

tapi budak2 la ni. baca buku merapu jugak...kalu buku ilmiah skit...dua helai rasa macam baca kitab tebai...

yap..cousin hang, memang kawan aku..ha ha ha. kenai sangat. harap dia tak lupa aku.

Muhajirah said...

salam ziarah aunty hida.
ni kakak ano. dia suka sgt baca blog aunty aka mak husna ni :D

hidayah said...

yes, cikgooden..since you are going to further your study ..
selamat membaca buku!


jemput sila sila..ambik pinggan, buat cam rumah sendiri!

ano buat pe..?
time time periksa, takkan melayari internet kut?