Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kena latih bebudak lebih awal!!


This is my preparation for a presentation by Aulad Perdana on the next AULAD's Convocation day.

I probably will not be there to watch the event so I need to let the kids prepare themselves EARLIER this year.

The sketch has a theme of 'GOING TO TOWN'.

The participants : All the six-year-old students. There are 17 of them.

.......hmmmmm.......and now presenting the AULAD PERDANA!!!

( Afifah is waiting alone at the bus stop )

Izzati and Athirah walk towards Afifah.

Izzati : Assalamualaikum, Afifah.

Afifah : Waalaikumussalam, Izzati.

Izzati : How are you today, Afifah?

Afifah : I am fine, thank you, Alhamdulillah.

Izzati : Where are you going?

Afifah : I am going to town.

Izzati : Oh, we are going to town too. Why don't we all go together?

Afifah : Sure...

Other passengers coming by. ( The rest of the students except Ruzain and Hazuan )

Afifah : Look! Look! The bus is coming. ( Ruzain and Hazuan carrying a 'BUS' )

Izzati : Wait for the bus to stop!!

( All board already )

Afifah : Let us recite doa.

(Doa recital .....doa before boarding a vehicle)

Afifah : Does everybody know the song, " The wheel on the bus"?

EVERYONE : yes!!

Afifah : Why don't we all sing together? Are you ready? 1,2,3..

" The wheels on the bus" song.

Lyrics :

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, 2X

All thru the town

The wipers on the bus go swish 3X, swish 3X, swish 3X (2X)

All tru the town

The door on the bus goes open and shut, open and shut, open and shut 2X

All thru the town

The horn on the bus goes pin 3X, pin 3x, pin3x ( 2x)

All thru the town

The driver on the bus says " Step back, please" 3x

All thru the town

The mommy on the bus says " I love you " 3x

The daddy on the bus says, " love you too "

Allllllllll........ tru the townnnnn...

Izzati : Oh no, I feel so hungry!

Afifah : Let us eat first.

Izzati : WOW!! MasyaAllah..Look at all the food over there.

Afifah : Hmmm..why don't we all recite our doa.

Doa recital....( doa before eating )

Food Song!!

Lyrics :

Roti canai, roti canai

Char keu teow, char kue teow

Mee goreng, mee goreng

pizza hut, pizza hut

ayam percik, ayam percik

teh tarik, teh tarik

sate kajang, sate kajang




( Doa recital....doa after eating )

THE END of the sketch!

....adeh adeh adeh...cikgu cikgunya dah mula agak pening untuk melatih anak anak murid!


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